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2016 Collection On Sale Now

Born in sunny Australia, IYA Swimwear is crystal clear waters, palm trees and sun kissed tresses.

The IYA girl lives life to the fullest. She falls in love easily, she jumps deep into the ocean, she takes chances and makes mistakes.

She goes with her gut, she’s a dreamer and an explorer but most of all she lives for the moment.

The moment is now.

2016 IYA Boutique Collection

Beautiful Summer Bikini Iya Girl From Behind

Sleek, Stylish & Sexy

Beautifully inspired by the latest sports luxe trend, IYA Swimwear debuted in the Summer of 2014 with a range of sleek, all black pieces establishing the brand in the Australian market.

Monochrome colours, low cut briefs and trend driven tops work together as a fresh take on retro swimwear.

IYA Swimwear is perfect for the modern or fashion forward woman.

IYA Bikini Swimwear Australia Black

IYA’s swimwear has been rigorously tried and tested by women of all ages and sizes for fit, flattery and confidence.

All products are carefully sourced and meticulously tested to ensure the materials and techniques used in the construction of swimwear guarantee long-lasting quality.

IYA Swimwear is proud of being Australian, and all styles, construction and print selections are inspired by the Australian way of life.